Luther Gray Trio

Rhythm and melody are inseparable. All rhythms have an inherent melody, and all melodies are expressed in rhythm. They are the foundation of all music. As sophisticated as music can become, it still boils down to rhythm and melody in the end. If one doesn't lose sight of that, one can play music that is contemporary, primal, sophisticated, simple, abstract, concrete while remaining completely natural. That is the goal of this trio. 

Allan and Jim are master musicians. Both have unique personalities, broad imaginations, and strong spiritual presence. They are highly committed to their individual aesthetics, yet open minded and cooperative. Each is capable of creating a vast orchestral range on his own, and when combined together, the range expands exponentially. It's very exciting hearing them interpret my compositions and arrangements. The tunes are written to create different atmospheres for improvisation and leave significant room for interpretation and exploration.

The covers, Jenny Toomey's "Fall On Me" and Bad Brains' "We Will Not" are songs that hold sentimental meaning. I used to play with Jenny when I lived in DC. "Fall On Me" is one of many beautiful songs she wrote that I had the pleasure of performing. I wanted to arrange this version because I could picture Allan and Jim interpreting the emotional complexity of the composition. The arrangement of "We Will Not" mixes music from the underground rock scene I was involved in growing up, with what I now predominantly play.

This is the first commercial recording of this band. It marks the beginning of a project I've found exciting and inspiring. 

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  • Drums and Horns, Horns and Drums by Luther Gray Trio
    Drums and Horns, Horns and Drums (2014)